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    Active Fencing & Gates - Your Partner for Installing Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

    If you are planning to install a new pool, or you are planning to update the look and feel of the existing pool with maximum impact, then selecting frameless glass pool fencing is the best option that you can choose. These fences look simple yet elegant and are very affordable compared to other types of pool fencing available in St George. The best thing about this type of pool fencing is that it opens the pool with the other areas of the property. Therefore, frameless glass pool fencing is the most popular option. And if you are searching for glass pool fencing services near you, contact the experts at Active Fencing & Gates.

    Another striking benefit of installing frameless glass pool fencing is the hours and dollars you will save in maintenance over its lifetime. Glass fencing is pre-treated to be resistant to water and grime build up and only requires a soapy wash down every now and then.

    What can Active Fencing & Gates do?

    At Active Fencing & Gates, we specialise in offering and installing frameless glass pool fencing at an affordable rate. Being an expert in this industry, we are aware of the fact that every pool has different features that need to be considered along with the layout of the land. Therefore, we design every pool fencing in St George differently to ensure that it looks most elegant for your property while fitting your specific needs. We offer glass pool fencing to St George customers which is fully customised and available in different styles and sizes. 

    Here are a few details about our service:

    • The frameless pool fencing that we offer at Active Fencing & Gates is made of toughened laminated glass that is easy to maintain. 
    • The installation is completed in a short space of time. 
    • You can have the peace of mind that your pool area is safe, and it also looks great. 
    • One of the best parts of choosing us for installing frameless glass pool fencing is that we allow the property owners to customise the shape and size of glass as well as any accessories and fittings. 
    • We always use the best quality materials for constructing the fence that matches perfectly both with the expectations of the property owners in St. George and their pool areas.

    How do we work?

    At Active Fencing & Gates, we start designing the pool fence by talking to the property owners who may need our help to create a vision, or they may already have a vision. In either situation, we thoroughly work with the property owners to design and install high quality, functional, and aesthetically-beautiful frameless glass pool fencing for their St. George property.

    The installation process that we offer is safe and complies with all Australian and council regulations. As we use the best quality materials to design and install the frameless glass pool fencing, you can be confident that the outcome will be pleasing in all aspects. We only use self-closing hinges while installing frameless glass fencing. This ensures the pool fencing remains safe and quiet. Apart from using the best-in-class products, our pool fence installers are top class and licensed in their trades, renowned for their efficient and clean service.

    Get Sliding Gates & Privacy Screens

    Active Fencing & Gates is your one-stop shop for premium-quality fencing and gate solutions. We specialise in customising, designing, and installing premium-quality sliding gates and aluminium privacy screens to suit your requirements. Our experienced team of professionals has years of experience delivering exceptional customer service, quality workmanship, and superior products to our clients across St George and Sydney.

    Sliding gates are an excellent addition to any property, as they provide a high level of security while adding a touch of elegance and style. At Active Fencing & Gates, we understand the importance of having a reliable, functional, and aesthetically-pleasing sliding gate system. We offer a wide range of sliding gates, including automatic, manual, and custom-made options, to suit your specific needs and preferences.

    In addition to sliding gates, we specialise in designing and installing aluminium screens that add extra privacy and protection to your property. Aluminium privacy screens are an excellent choice for homeowners who value functionality and aesthetics. They are available in various designs, colours, and styles and can be customised to suit your unique requirements.

    Please call Active Fencing & Gates on 0431 969 525 for any advice or to request a free quote.

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