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    Frameless glass pool fencing in Peakhurst

    Frameless glass pool fences are definitely the choice for high-end properties where an unimpeded view is important. Today, as trends have shifted to a more open environment, frameless fences in the average suburban backyard are becoming increasingly popular.

    Active Fencing & Gates specialises in providing custom-made frameless glass pool fencing for your lovely home in Peakhurst.

    Our experts consider all options before construction of a glass fencing for you. Our philosophy is to ensure your involvement by incorporating your suggestions in our constructions. Our glass fences enhance the aesthetics of your property. In addition to that, they create a safe environment inside your home in Peakhurst for your family to enjoy.

    Why Choose Us?

    • Family Owned Business with over 25 years experience
    • Modern Appeal

    We provide fencing solutions that have a modern appeal. A glass balustrade balcony or pool fence is the perfect combination of clean and modern aesthetics, especially when it concerns the most popular architectural looks of today.

    Natural Light & Unobstructed View

    The view and light are the most important aspects to be considered while installing a pool fencing. Our fencing for balustrades, pool deck and balcony provides you with a beautiful view of the landscapes or beach.

    Quick and Easy Maintenance

    It’s simple to maintain a clean and shiny glass pool fence and maintain it as if it is brand new. We provide easy to clean and quick to maintain fencing options for our customers.

    We are experts in frameless glass pool fencing and our team of experienced professionals are ready to help you make the right choice about your new pool fencing. Get in touch with us to get the answers to all your queries regarding pool fencing.

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