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    Sturdy, Cost-effective Frameless Glass Pool Fencing in Maroubra

    Are you looking for professionals who can provide you with the best fencing solutions? Are you mesmerised by the beauty and aesthetic appeal of the frameless glass pool fencing?

    Well, look no further than our company - the one with a strong reputation built over 25 years - Active Fencing & Gates. Being in the industry for years, we have closely watched the rise in the demand of glass balustrades - from simple glass panel to frameless glass pool fencing-- for a seamless look. With time, we have also changed our product stock and supply accordingly.

    Constant Change has been the Key to our Evolution

    Since our inception in the business, we have never made our customers go without selecting a product. Whether the customer is going to give the pool area a touch of vintage or a modern look, we have for them the products of all variants.

    We have also taken into instance the price of the frameless glass pool fencing. We made sure that it remains in the ambit of the people and we, Active Fencing & Gates, be known as one of the pioneers in the cost-effective pool fencing in Maroubra.

    Why Us?

    With so many suppliers present in the market, we have successfully helped in maintaining a premium customer base. We have closely observed the evolving competition and hence, have quickly adapted to it.

    The following are some of the top reasons why we are going to be the best choice for you--

    • 25 years of industry experience in the field of glass pool fencing
    • Proper installation instructions
    • Constant guidance and support
    • Top-notch quality products without compromising with the design and modern trend
    • Industry and Australian standard products
    • Precise installation without distorting the adjacent walls or surface
    • Safe, quick, and easy installation
    • Tested on several conditions
    • Resistant to weather, dust and external exposure
    • Durable and hassle-free installation

    Guaranteed Best Price in Maroubra

    It's time to replace your conventional crossbar fencing with aesthetically pleasing, contemporary frameless glass pool fencing. With an eye for detail, we will ensure that your place looks fantastic. Therefore, whether it is a commercial site or a residential complex, our professionals are able to suggest the best solutions for you. Enquire about our services that will keep your place safe, appealing and durable.

    Our prices continue to be competitive. Compared with our competitors, our prices may be cheaper, but we never compromise with quality. We are unique in this regard and offer a guarantee on every model we sell.

    Switch to Custom Designed Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

    We take care of every detail of your pool area. Hence, with the assorted range of toughened laminated glass, you will be able to choose precisely the design you have been looking for.

    Features of our glass pool fencing--

    We are one of the best in Maroubra when it comes to frameless glass pool fencing for the following reasons:

    • We have the glass panels with dubbed corners and polished edges
    • Glass panels available in different thickness
    • Designs can provide a multitude of uses
    • Edge protection

    Get in touch with us for the best frameless glass for your place. We are always there to assist you.

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