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    Get the Best Frameless Glass Pool Fencing in Liverpool With Active Fencing & Gates

    When it comes to choosing designer fencing, frameless glass pool fencing is the ultimate option. It offers an amazing feature to any property. Apart from offering security and safety, this type of fencing offers spaciousness, style and durability. This type of pool fencing in is revolutionary system, can be used anywhere there is a solid foundation. Being aesthetically pleasing, this fencing offers the pools a unique touch of class.

    When you look for the best quality frameless glass pool fencing, please consider the services offered by Active Fencing & Gates. The glass pool fencing offered by our company has unobtrusive appeal and therefore it is ideal for both outdoor and poolside environments. Being a reputable pool fencing solution provider for Liverpool projects, our company specialises in manufacturing and installing different types of frameless glass pool fencing systems.

    The design of these pool fences offers the strength and safety of the conventional swimming pool fences while retaining an unobstructed view. Besides, the frameless pool fences designed by this company offer total safety to children without compromising on the look and feel of the property.

    What makes us different?

    At Active Fencing & Gates, we design and install the best in class frameless glass pool fencing in Australia. The glass pool fences that we offer are made from the top-quality toughened glass and the stainless-steel spigots. This ensures minimal maintenance and durability. The inter-glass designs that we offer ensure that the property owners are getting the best quality frameless glass pool fencing in Liverpool. Besides, all our work strictly follows Australian Building Codes and council regulations.

    Advantages of our frameless glass fencing:

    • Affordable luxury: Glass pool fencing is the most popular option these days because it is a good investment in affordable and practical luxury. It is a popular choice as it looks good and gives an unobstructed and great view of the pool and outdoor areas.
    • Easy maintenance: Most metal or timber pool fences require constant maintenance and care such as lacquering, painting, and repairing. But frameless glass pool fencing that we offer at Active Fencing Gates just need soap and water to make these look new and fresh again and again. In addition, these fences also come with pre-treated finishes that naturally repel water which inhibits the build-up of grime.
    • Safety guarantee: If you are looking for a pool safety fence that does not obstruct the view, then at this frameless glass pool fencing installation company, we have everything in stock that is necessary for performing the job such as frameless glass panels, latches, spigots.
    • Flexible options: The best thing about the glass pool fencing that we install in Liverpool can be attached to various surfaces. Our designers at Active Fencing Gates can help you to choose the design that is ideal for the pool area of your property. Being an expert in this field, we are well-aware of the fact that every property is unique. Therefore, we offer customised and made-to-measure glass pool fences.

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