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    Dulwich Hill

    Active Fencing & Gates – the most amazing frameless glass pool fencing in Dulwich Hill

    We at Active Framing & Gates provide you the very best frameless glass pool fencing in the Dulwich Hill area. As an organization, we have a vast knowledge of these products and services. We fully intend to bring all that knowledge and experience to bear for you. We would provide you the best frameless glass pool fencing that makes your already lovely home look exquisite.

    We deal in a wide range of glass gate and fencing solutions. We normally specialize in the following areas:

    • Pools and spa gates
    • Balustrades
    • Outdoor entertainment areas
    • Balconies

    Our experience

    To say that we have lots of experience in this regard would be a gross understatement.

    We have vast experience in the domain of frameless glass pool fencing. Therefore, we can offer you the very best products and services in terms of quality. You can be sure that from them you would get full value for the dollars that you have spent on them. Before we start any project, we sit down with our clients and understand the requirements of the project from them. It is based on these that we provide them the solutions that would be most appropriate for them.

    This is the reason why we are the top name in the frameless glass pool fencing in the Dulwich Hill area, which is no surprise.

    Following the laws in Australia

    We follow all the laws that apply to Australia in this regard. Local laws over here state that you have to erect fences around your pool. This is where you can trust us. This is because we make our pool fences in full compliance with applicable laws in Australia. We make sure that our glass pool fences have the requisite toughness and that they are polished on the edges.

    A few words on us

    We Active Fencing & Gates are a family-owned business and we have been in this industry for more than 25 years now. We have a team of experts who are highly qualified in such matters. They complete projects with great finesse and expertise. You can be confident that we happily provide post-installation support if required. Our after-sales service is extremely efficient. We make sure that you do not face any issues in maintaining these installations.

    Satisfaction guaranteed

    Our team of installers is full of qualified professionals. They will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the work that we have done for you. This is the reason why there is such demand for our frameless glass pool fencing products and services. We always use the highest quality of materials. If you wish to install frameless glass pool fences that are contemporary, do get in touch with us. You can be sure you won’t find better than us.

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