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    If you have a garden that includes a swimming pool your property values will be higher than your neighbours’ who don’t have a pool. Having a pool is a selling point as a swimming pool is an attraction for recreational activities, confers a sense of status and is likely to attract buyers who will offer more money. On top of that, having a well-designed beautiful frameless glass pool fence, it makes it even more attractive. You will be the envy of your friends and neighbours.

    Glass, in any form, always looks luxurious and stylish, and when it is compared to the aluminium fences, it has a better value. People in Ashfield prefer glass fences for their swimming pool more than the metal ones despite knowing that the former is of lesser value. It isn’t necessary that you have to use everything expensive. A frameless glass pool fence is something that can give you the required safety and aesthetics for the garden.

    How can frameless glass pool fencing benefit you?

    Zero maintenance – Unlike aluminium and steel fences, glass fences are known to have zero maintenance involved. Metal fences are notorious for having issues such as rust, especially where there is a lot of water and splashing around. On the other hand, glass fences are unaffected by the elements in the same way. From time to time there may be some grime, which can be remedied by simply wiping it clean with some soapy water.

    It exudes elegance – glass fences are always the first choice when it comes to securing the swimming pool area in Ashfield look attractive. It is something that secludes the area from the rest of the garden while becoming an attraction on its own. Glass in general, shines a lot and when it is frameless and placed in its place, things look even better.

    It is highly durable. When nuts and bolts keep the glass in place in the absence of the frame, it stays intact without warping or changing in shape. Metal fences are known to warp or probably break away due to rusting or probably strong winds. Cleaning it from time to time and checking the condition of the nuts and bolts allows it to stay the same for a very long time.

    Why Choose Us?

    • We have an experience of over 25 years of installing frameless glass pool fencing
    • We ensure that our work is perfect with the right tools used
    • We have a team that is trained and licensed to provide services as that of frameless glass pool fencing
    • We believe in helping you with the perfect swimming pool area
    • We assist in getting permits from the council
    • We stock up on the best quality glass that gives a luxurious and classy look to your home
    • We help you with cleaning and maintenance tips for your frameless glass pool fencing

    When it comes to selecting the right team to help you with frameless glass pool fencing installation in Ashfield, we should be your first choice. Being there for you even after the installation is complete, you get to have us by your side whenever you need assistance with maintenance, servicing or future installation.

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